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ROAV Galaxy have announced an energetic plan for 2021 to increase its online presence and enhance its ability to sell direct to the consumer. ROAV are currently developing a number of online e-commerce stores that will be a shop window showcasing its 'Superstar', 'Sport', 'Origin', 'Roses To Rebels', 'Odyssey' and 'Oxygen' sunglass collections. Each store will be localised to different markets representing the UK, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and the Philippines.

Whilst nurturing existing relationships and building on its global presence in luxury opticians, fashion boutiques, 5 star hotels and retail outlets, ROAV see the roll out of a new digital footprint as an important step in the companies future. 

ROAV marketing manager Steve Carter explains that "each online store will showcase eyewear news, products, styles, offers and content exclusive and relevant to its host country."

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"At ROAV we love innovation and have been encouraged by the publics positive reaction to our thin folding frames over the last 5 years. Summer 2021 will be when we explain the brand story more and we are looking at digital video advertising campaigns to help us achieve this."

As well as walking into physical retailers, consumers can now search for the ROAV Galaxy website dedicated to their location and purchase the latest sunglass styles online.

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