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Here There Everywhere - Anywhere Eyewear

Female model wears Roav sunglasses in Hong Kong
Female model wears Roav sunglasses on holiday
Male and female couple wear Roav sunglasses in the sun
Lady playing in the sun wearing Roav eyewear

You would not leave home without your phone would you?
ROAV believe you should always be able to take your eyewear everywhere with you too.
To achieve this, your eyewear must be able to fold up easily and fit into
the tightest of pockets or the smallest purses.

Lady shopping in a market wearing cat eye shaped Roav sunglasses
Large black sunglasses for women worn by fashion model
Male hipster wearing Roav sunglasses in the City
Female wearing cat eye shaped sunglasses

Folded safe in its protective silicone case, or proudly worn protecting eyes from the suns glare, no beach, event, city or country is ever off limits.

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