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How is this possible?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

When conceptualising ROAV Galaxy, in the early design stages we often asked ourselves…

“Can we re-invent and improve folding eyewear?”

ROAV and Ray-Ban folding eyewear

>30mm <8mm

Ray-Ban 30mm size folding eyewear
ROAV Galaxy 9mm size folding eyewear

Other folding eyewear products in the market are not always pocketable, and improving this function makes a real difference in where people can carry ROAV around with them.

Green and gold sunglasses

Reducing the folded width from the 30mm of our nearest Ray-Ban competitor, to a thin 8mm with ROAV has really got us noticed. Weighing in at less than 20grams, the lightness of the frame is attributed to a thinly cut, extremely flexible stainless steel frame.

ROAV sunglasses in a pouch inside a jean pocket

Customers are now able to fit their optical eyewear and sunglasses in the tightest of back pockets, small purses and handbags. No more carrying around bulky eyewear cases or having to wear your sunglasses on the top of your head when the sun goes in!

Foldable sunglasses

We have countered the misconception that lightness and thinness means weakness, with the use of super-strength stainless steel and an ion scratch-proof coating for our frames.

Patent screwless hinges are press-formed into the sheet metal frame creating an ultra-minimal construction design that is incredibly small and durable. The hinges also have an inherent springiness, so they won't come loose over time. When it comes to opening, all parts are connected so well that it opens almost automatically.

We understand that fit can be an issue when it comes to purchasing eyewear, especially for customers that have a lower nose bridge, therefore we have designed comfortable nose pads which have flexible adjustments to fit everyone.

Small Medium Large

Small sized hinges on frames
Medium size hinges on frames
Large sized hinges on frames

We want our customers to feel confident that they can bring their ROAV optical eyewear and sunglasses everywhere with them, so created a colourful rubber pouch that provides very effective protection, even when sat on!

Different coloured ROAV sunglasses pouch

We are so confident in the end product that all ROAV collections now come with a 2 year warranty. It is no wonder that ROAV is now sold in 35+ countries worldwide.

With 100's of styles, shapes and colours across 6 sunglasses collections and a wide range of optical frames, your customers will certainly find a pair they fall in love with.

Examples of the ROAV optical collection can be found here. Please contact to view the full range.

Roav optical eyewear

More info on how to glaze our optical folding frames can be found here.

The team at ROAV create products that connect emotionally with people. Your customers will feel the magic each time they effortlessly open and unfold their eyewear to impress their friends and family.

If you are a business owner considering ROAV, why not test out our game-changing technology for yourself and request a free sample here.

Any opticians, sports or cycling shops, gym, spa, hotel, or lifestyle stores interested in stocking ROAV Galaxy can find out more by contacting Steve Carter directly on 07852178159 or

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