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Tips on how to glaze ROAV Galaxy Sunglasses and our INTHINITI frames

The ROAV Galaxy Optical (Ophthalmic) eyewear collection has a 'rim lock / hex nut bolt' which you manually remove to put the prescription lenses in.

If you are looking for tips on how to glaze the ophthalmic ROAV Galaxy frames, this can be found on another article here.

ROAV Galaxy Sunglasses

The lenses supplied with ROAV Galaxy sunglasses are all polarised and offer UV protection as standard.

They come with a metal rim wire which has a cut and a notch for inserting and holding the lens.

You must remove this rim by pressing on the lens, if you wish to replace with a prescriptive lens.

ROAV Galaxy sunglasses and INTHINITI eyewear frames are made with a very compact end piece meaning the distance between the temples when closed can sometimes have a limited space, in particular the frames with a double bridge like below.

ROAV Galaxy sunglasses are suitable for fitting lenses is up to + 6.00 with a single vision lens (normal standard lens).

INTHINITI Optical, Reading, and Sunglasses

These INTHINITI sunglasses models can be glazed.

These INTHINITI optical and reading glasses models can be glazed.

These INTHINITI sunglasses are NOT able to be glazed

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