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The ROAV Optical Vision collection- the perfect wingman

Originated from Los Angeles, we are an international team of designers, production specialists and marketing devotees determined to make a difference in the eyewear market.

ROAV Galaxy provides the thinnest foldable eyewear that is lightweight, pocketable, and easy to take with you anywhere!

We provide both folding sunglasses and an optical vision collection with many styles to choose from.

Two people reading with glasses on

Loyal and always by your side here's why our eyewear is the perfect wingman.

Contact lenses wearer

Most contact lenses wearers carry a spare pair of glasses with them. Whilst contact lenses offer great visual coverage, they cannot be worn long term.

Our ROAV Optical vision collection is perfect for those who don't wish to carry big eyewear cases around. A suitable back-up pair for when their eyes become irritated from wearing contact lenses too long.

ROAV optical glasses

Perfect for small bags/purses

Women in particular rarely have any pockets on their outfits. With ROAV eyewear they are now able to fit their frames in any small purse or handbag.

No more carrying around bulky eyewear cases!

Foldable glasses in a bag

Your Festival friend that you won’t lose in a crowd

When at a festival or event and the sun goes in your perfect wingman can accompany you by your side rather than having to sit on top of your head!

Not like your typical bulk eyewear cases, we provide a colourful range of protective pouches that prevent breakages and scratches.

Our screwless foldable technology ensures you can put your eyewear away without the worry of them falling out and losing them. Festivals are for dancing and socialising with friends not losing eyewear, right?!

Girls posing with ROAV sunglasses on

ROAV Odyssey sunglasses pouch


You want to always travel light when exploring cities and don’t want to be carrying a big eyewear case around through customs. ROAV eyewear is light and pocketable, weighing just over 15 grams.

Perfect for walking around shops, trying the latest outfits on, or eating out, whatever your situation your ROAV eyewear will fold away in to your ROAV protective pouch.

With a 2 year guarantee on each purchase our customers feel confident they can bring their ROAV eyewear everywhere with them.

A woman wearing sunglasses

A woman wearing sunglasses on vacation

Good for meetings

Look professional with ROAV.

When you have meetings, glasses are required when doing a presentation or sales pitch. Choose from a wide range of styles from the ROAV optical vision collection to complete your business look.

Our eyewear folds perfectly and neatly into any suit jacket pocket.

Two people wearing ROAV glasses

Always by your side in a nice restaurant

Enjoy a good meal without having to worry about your frames taking up space on the restaurant table.

Use your ROAV eyewear to read the menu then fold your glasses neatly into its small discrete pouch allowing you to focus on enjoying the great service and food.

A girl looking at her food wearing her ROAV glasses

Suitable for unpredictable weather climates

Weather is unpredictable. Through rain or shine ROAV eyewear will always be by your side and in arms reach. No more carrying around your sunglasses in your hand whilst getting wet!

Our scratch resistant and weatherproof ion coating on the frame protects your eyewear from extreme weather conditions.

A man outside wearing ROAV frames

Why the pouches work so well?

The ROAV Galaxy pouches offer strong protection preventing your glasses from breaking even when sat on or when squeezed in the tightest of pockets.

We also provide a range of different colours that you can choose from.

different coloured rubber pouches

If you are always on the go, ROAV eyewear is the one for you!

A ROAV Galaxy pouch and foldable sunglasses inside it

Examples of the ROAV optical and sunglasses collections can be found here. Please contact to view the full range.

If you are a business owner considering ROAV, why not test out our game-changing technology for yourself and request a free sample here.

Any opticians, sports or cycling shops, gym, spa, hotel, or lifestyle stores interested in stocking ROAV Galaxy can find out more by contacting Steve Carter directly on 07852178159 or

Optical glasses folded in to a pouch

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