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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Originated in LA since 2016 and now present in 35+ countries, our fashionable, pocketable folding sunglasses are sold in luxury opticians, hotels and retail outlets.

Using quality lightweight stainless steel and screwless technology, the frames are both extremely strong and flexible. Built for the modern explorer, sports enthusiasts, or for fun in the sun, you can take your ROAV sunglasses everywhere and anywhere with you.

We are excited to announce that ROAV Galaxy sunglasses are now also available to purchase online through our new UK ecommerce store

Encouraged by significant growth in the B2B market, we have expanded our digital reach to sell direct to the general public. Discover all 6 of our collections, plus models and styles exclusively available online only.

London City

Our UK B2B distributor is Bondeye, an award winning, family run wholesaler and distributor of optical products. Those preferring to physically try the eyewear on can do so at the many UK optical practices and retail outlets listed here.

ROAV Galaxy sunglasses on display

At you can choose from 100’s of shapes and colours from our collections Odyssey, Roses To Rebels, Origin, Sport and Superstar. Be sure to check out the latest Oxygen collection which has just been launched at an intriguing lower price point, whilst still retaining the build quality you expect of ROAV.

Oxygen is a new rimless construction folding frame that looks modern and enables some truly daring shaped designs. Future projects involve collaborating with influencers to create their own Oxygen sunglasses model, with their designs then being sold online.

Stay tuned to our social media on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates, offers and localised UK content.

ROAV Galaxy Oxygen collection

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