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Riviera Gold
  • Riviera Gold

    The Riviera model has a large round lens, distinguished by a classic horizontal bridge and retro wingtip end-piece.



      ROAV Galaxy are the 'World's Thinnest Folding Sunglasses'. They are created by a team of eyewear designers, engineers and travellers who wanted to make sunglasses that fold up and fit into the tightest of pockets. Eyewear you can bring anywhere and everywhere, without worrying about scratches or breaking them.

      Folding as thin as a smartphone, ROAV have no screws, are featherlight at just 15g and extremely strong and flexible. With hundreds of styles of frame and lens colour options to choose from, the brand is now available to buy in over 30 countries internationally.


      You can purchase ROAV sunglasses confident in the knowledge that you can easily return them within 30 days. Read our full returns policy here.


      Shipping costs and delivery times can vary depending on the country being shipped to. Full shipping information can be found here.



      We are so confident in all our products that we offer a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. If the product is technically faulty, we would be happy repairing or replacing your ROAV sunglasses once we have received the product in the post from you. For more information click here.


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